Le Petit Cirque / Handmade clay creatures

Le Petit Cirque will be closed to custom unicorn orders indefinitely. Existing items will remain available for sale, but I will no longer be taking any custom orders.

Any last orders which have been paid for will be shipped after the holidays. For important information on care and maintenance of your items, please, please, please take a look at my care page before purchasing.

Do check back as I will sometimes list new ready-made unicorns for sale. Cheerio!

Little Blue

Custom unicorn order for [anonymous]

Cutom (pink) unicorn order for Evelin

Meditation Matryoshkas

RM25.00 each

Designed to fit in the palm of your hand, or carried around in your pocket. A little zen companion to take out during frazzled moments and remind yourself to keep calm and carry on. Shown here in teal and flame red. Choose a color that most represents yourself.

I can custom make you one for an extra RM5.00.

Rainbow unicorn.

Custom order.

Rainbow and lilac unicorns.

Custom order!

Candy Unicorns

Custom order for Shelby

Pink Unicorn

Custom order for Patricia.

Merry Weather Earrings


A pair of blue raindrops + a pair of fluffy white clouds. Wear them according to the weather, in SPITE of the weather, or according to your moods. Wear a different one on each ear, or all four together (if you can)!

Pair of Puffy Pink Hearts

Height: 0.8” (2cm)